Waxoxo Laser Sugaring waxbar

own A successful Hair Removal franchise, with proven turn key operation.

WAXOXO™ laser, sugaring & waxing franchise created a winning solution — and taken the guess work out to start a successful business! A turn key operation with proven system that will put you on the path of success.

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YOUR Solid Investment For Greater Returns

A typical body sugaring & waxing studio has a high profitability as compared to other brick and mortar industries. It continues to gain in popularity—for women and men, young and old—a business dedicated to sugaring & waxing is ideally suited for all types of markets in a wide variety of communities.

YOU NEED No prior industry experience

Don't worry! You will own a turn key business model that just requires a business acument and passion for quality customer service. The business model provides end to end support and training at every step and guide you on how to take your business to next level.


According to BusinessWire, the global market for hair removal waxing industry is estimated at US$9.8 Billion in the year 2020. It is projected to reach a revised size of US$16.9 Billion by 2027, growing at 8.1% over the period 2020-2027. These are great numbers for anyone to own your business in this growing segment of beauty industry and carve a successful career.


Full End To End Support

From startup and beyond, you will walk the path to success with our full & dedicated support. You will be our success partners as we give you the guidance, support & tools to take your business to a great story ... Fast!


As a franchisor, we provide end-to-end project management solutions for your construction. This includes finding contractors, obtain bids, city licensing and manage build-out process. A standardized studio design and decor is already established which provides welcoming, warm and functional space to run your business.


You will be given a list of successfull real estate locations to choose from based on avalibility. Once you sign FDD, we will help you get proper lease aggrements in place along with things to look out for when signing lease documents.


You will undergo training to run operations, IT management, HR, client support, service training and financial management for your new business. Each step of the plan is perfectly designed with latest tools and videos to help you and your team excel.


Without effective team support, nothing is possible. We will assist you from beginning to end, so that you can start your own business. We will continue to provide assistance throughout! Whether it is hiring, managing, or supporting you on how to scale your business. We've got you covered.


You are not left behind as far as marketing is concerned. We know what works and what does not work to develop a marketing plan that delivers greater success for you.


Your site slection process and lease negotiations are much easier as we will help you avoid pitfalls and also have a seamless lease negotiation for a loacation that you desire.

All Your Questions Answered

Anyone can be part of WAXOXO with right mindset.

Do I need experience in the salon industry or with waxing/sugaring services?

Absolutely not. Most of successful franchisees have passion to own a business and are good at ensuring a high client satisfaction.

What can I expect to earn from my business?

Sugaring, waxing, and laser treatments are profitable businesses, no doubt. Profits, on the other hand, are directly linked to the business location, and client experience that you or your team provides.

How much capital do I need to start?

The amount of capital required varies from location to location. Normally, you can expect a startup cost in the range of $156,000 to $360,000 (excluding HST), which includes royalties and other costs required to start a business.

Is financing assitance avaliable for startup?

Sadly, no. At this time, WAXOXO does not provide financing assistance to franchise owners and operators. In case you are interested, we can let you know how you can secure loans from different financial institutions within Canada to start your business. Generally, you would need to be financially stable in order to operate our franchise.

How much time do I need every day to operate the business?

You are completely in charge of this decision. A studio manager may be designated to handle day-to-day business operations with occasional supervision by an owner who maintains a full-time job. Most WAXOXO franchise owners run their businesses full-time.

Will your team help me choose the real estate and location?

Franchisees can obtain free assistance with site selection and lease negotiations from our team of experienced real estate brokers, including a detailed analysis of the market demographics. Additionally, they can help you obtain rent and build-out allowances.